War Horse: The Movie Review

As mentioned, I was lucky to be invited to an advanced screening to War Horse a few weeks ago.

This nearly 3 hour Steven Spielberg-directed movie takes us from humble farmyard and village to a Europe caught in World War I. The protagonist is non-speaking, but a horse; the eponymous War Horse. Personally, I’m not particularly a fan of either war or horses, so I have to admit I was unsure whether I would enjoy it. The heart of this movie is the special bond between man and his horse. At times, this is a very picturesque film with lush greens of England and France. Other times, especially during war scenes, the days are grey and the mistreatment of horses is depressing, even for someone who’s not a big animal lover.

A quirk I found with this movie is that all the “foreigners” in the different World War countries all spoke English?! Yes, they were slightly accented English, but I really doubt that the fighters would have had such a good command of English. It was obvious that the director was avoiding subtitles, but to me, this was a sad reflection of movie producers pandering to foreign language-adverse US audiences. </generalisation>

Despite being nearly 3 hours long (2 hour and 40 minutes to be exact), I did not find myself falling asleep, which is a good sign! However, the director has carefully crafted this towards a large audience, which sometimes makes it fall into overly cliché territory. My boyfriend said his eyes were tired from rolling them throughout. A friend’s boyfriend said it was like a war movie for girls. Overall, I think it’s an enjoyable horse movie with broad appeal: *** (3) stars.

Opens Boxing Day, 26 December 2011

It’s a movie with a horse and it’s going to war. What’s it called? War Horse, of course!

I know, long time no blog. Sometimes, I have WordPress block. Recently, I. and me went to the movies and we saw the following trailer. Watching the plot unfold about a boy and his beloved horse and then watching it go to war. Then the title screen popped up: “War Horse“! It was just hilarious 😛

It feels like there have been a slew of movies with very plain, straightforward and obvious movie titles. Examples include, Fighting, Drive, We Bought A Zoo, etc.

Anyway, I’ve been invited to an advance preview of War Horse, so I shall keep you guys posted on what I think of the movie!

Isn’t she so Easy A*?

*It’s supposed to be a bad play on words; isn’t she so easy, eh? 

On Wednesday, I attended an advanced screening of a new high school comedy, Easy A.
I’m an avid fan of watching trailers and a few months ago I came across two that made me really want to rush out and see those movies now, now, now!
They were Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Easy A. I was lucky to also watch Scott Pilgrim in advance and it is one really awesome movie! Definitely go see it

However, enough about Scott, I’m here to talk about Easy A.

Easy A is the very funny story of how the smart Olive, a self-determined “nobody” student, works her way up the vicious US high school social hierachy. One salacious lie overhead in the girl’s bathroom and too soon, she becomes as the school “tramp” – despite never ever having slept with anyone. The A in Easy A is a reference to The Scarlet Letter, where the main character was an adulteress forced to wear an A on her clothing as punishment. The school’s Christian group, led by the overenthusiastic Marianne (played by Amanda “I retired” Bynes), are desperate to save Olive and boys everywhere offer her fake trysts, for Olive to keep her newly established reputation. What goes up, must go down right?

Note that Olive has some crazy parents, so watch out for their scenes! Olive is played by the fiery Emma Stone, who puts on very a lively performance. Easy A is an enjoyable movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Worth watching. /5

Animal Kingdom Review

Animal Kingdom: Opening 3 June 2010 in Australia. 

This Australian movie, filmed in the streets of Melbourne, Victoria, tells the story of young Josh (James Frecheville’s debut) and his extended criminal family. We are opened into his life with the scene of his eerily calm reaction to his mother’s overdose to which he is then adopted by his grandmother. His grandmother is the crime family matriarch of three sons. Very soon, her star son (played by Joel Edgerton) is killed by the Armed Robbery Squad prompting eldest son, ‘Pope’ (Ben Mendelsohn), to commit vicious murders of two rookie cops and thus the movie’s tension escalates. Josh’s (J) life is quickly catapulted into the world of wrong versus right, as vigilante police (including Guy Pearce) try to convince that J can rescue the whole situation.

There’s a sense of foreboding and tension throughout the movie and you feel like something is going to go wrong any time. There are a few times here and there where you think that it feels a little bit long, but the pace usually quickly picks up again. It’s not an all-out bang, bang, shoot-em-up movie, but more of a criminal story that just wants to be told. The filming style also reminded me of another Australia movie, The Square. Even though they were both Australian, they did have different directors. There was also a scene that was filmed downstairs of my work! Also I couldn’t believe how much Ben Mendelsohn had aged. I remembered quite a few years ago he was touted as one of those “hot” stars to watch, but his character was so hateful and ugly. It needed more Joel Edgeton, but that’s just my own personal bias For Australian movies, this is pretty good.

Check it out!


Movie review time

She’s Out of My League: What happens if you’re just a typical “5” working as a lowly TSA agent, but a “10” hottie actually shows interest in you? Ensue egging from friends, detailed explanations of how this complicated rating system works, main character’s feelings of insecurity and awkward, but amusing moments Is it just me, or does there now seem to be an obligatory depilatory scene in every movie now… No waxing involved this time, at least! A silly movie, though worth the watch especially if you are into low-brow humour – which I watch more than my fair share of! /5
Kick-Ass: A very hyped up movie that definitely deserves the hype. Main character is a typical teenage comic geek who does more than dream about being a super hero, he becomes one: Kick-Ass (with the help of a scuba diving wet suit). His first incident of bravery, somehow, conveniently damages his nerve endings, allowing him to really become somewhat of a superhero and achieve worldwide YouTube fame. Before long, he finds himself in a whole lot of trouble than he originally bargained for. Kick-Ass isn’t really the star of the show, a young super-hero associate called Hit-Girl is – master trained up by Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage). It’s rated MA for a good reason with ample swearing, violence and gore, but you’ll enjoy it! /5

Good Hair: Interesting documentary about female black hair, presented by Chris Rock. You got to have at least some interest in hair, socio-culture or be black (African-American) to truly appreciate this, I think. Chris Rock’s humorous narration adds a very enjoyable touch. I found it insightful and learnt quite a few things about black hair culture, such as black women are very sensitive about their (mostly weaved) hair. Tip: Don’t ever touch it! Actually, there’s another tip in the movie as well, but it’s too naughty to post here  ½/5

Compressed Movie Reviews

During my procrastination and now newly free time, I have watched quite a few movies recently. Here’s my quick opinion on some of them: 

  • Bright Star: This is definitely a movie for the females and probably a slightly older and educated demographic too. It is based on a true story between the famous romantic poet, John Keats and his blossoming relationship. The movie focuses on his poetry, the pretty countryside nature scenes, colourful costumes and their doomed love story. I found it interesting, but it is a bit slow so it’s not one for the guys who want action, action, action. Maybe take your mother? /5
  • 9: An animated feature that forgot animations now need a plot and characters with personality to actually succeed. An excuse could be that each of the characters are only 1/9th of a whole personality, but really? I sat through this movie waiting for a story and climax that never eventuated. Nine hessian sack puppets who try to save the world, after robots and humans have destroyed it. Thin premise, but some IMDBers disagree. Maybe you will like it? /5
  • Away We Go: Now this was a surprise. This is not a big budget movie that’s going to be advertised like crazy. From the opening scene, you know it’s going to be unconventional. Slightly quirky couple go on a road trip through USA and Canada in search of the perfect family setting to raise their soon-to-be born. Strange, hilarious and awkward encounters ensue laughter. This one is a goodie and definitely worth watching! ½/5