Best. Semester. Ever!

2007 2   433371 Interactive System Design                086  H12007 2   433446 System Requirements Engineering          091  H12007 2   732303 Taxation Law                             070  H2B2007 Y   433440 Advanced Software Engineering Project    087  H1

Enough said…

W00t, I have now finished undergrad uni.


Post-Exams Random Thoughts

I haven’t written in here since last month. Usually I write the most when I’m procrastinating, and procrastinating I did do a lot, but I really just wasn’t sure what to write in here. So, here I present a collection of random thoughts that have ran through my mind recently. I may expand on them later, time and inspiration permitting…

  • I need to clean up my room.
  • I wonder how long I should keep things for and by keeping them, I really hope I’m not betraying anybody’s trust or implying that I don’t trust them. Ah, the aftermath? Oh well, some will have to know eventually…
  • Yay! Uni’s over!
  • I want a long break of passive boredom.
  • What?! It’s going to be 37’C degrees tomorrow?!
  • I need to clean up my computer.


As the end approaches…

Haven’t been writing recently. At the same time, I’ve been busy and not been busy, if that makes sense. Panorama‘s come and gone by. Didn’t win – oh well. To be honest, we never really thought we had a chance at winning until a few weeks before the event, but even at the event, by judging time, it was all too apparent, that we were not going to win. 

It’s hard to believe, that after today, it’s pretty much the end of my days of undergraduate university! A friend mentioned that I probably hadn’t really changed throughout my five year ordeal – not that he knew me until last year…

Have I changed? mac.rob friends say I’m more confident. I probably am. Still not up to society’s standards. I’m more blase about things and have learnt to let go of more trivial issues and matters. Have I learnt much from uni? Has it been a valuable experience? In some ways, yes. However, the quality of my education has varied. Unfortunately, I’ve mostly had terrible, uninspiring lecturers who have literally bored me to sleep. Passionate lecturers are all too rare, but have helped restored any slight faith in the university system.

If there’s any year where I’ve learnt more about myself, I think it may have been this final year. Instead of escaping to home as soon as a class finished, I actually hung around various people in 440, even those who weren’t in my team. It’s a good and bad thing to have that feel of a village community in 440. I found myself actually wanting to stay at uni, observing how people socialise, interact, tease and annoy each other. I wanted to hear what people had to say. I wanted to know what the latest gossip about people I had no idea about. I wanted to be with people. Well, with people I “knew” in, at least a limited sense. I wanted to be that proverbial fly on the wall, sometimes. Also, this year, it just seemed easier to be me

I finally got my hair cut. I was supposed to get it cut before Panorama, but it was never really top of my priority list. Of course, it’s only a trim. Funnily, no one realised except for one person. Not even my family, haha! Oh well, it was only a trim… The hairdresser was really nice, but I think she got a little bit too much out of me. Why did I answer her question?!

Fanciful Attempts at Productivity

Was going to bang out my 446 SRS Critique assignment as quick as possible this afternoon. I have a three hour “break” from 2pm to 5pm. Ended up replying to group emails, newsgroup threads and a blog post instead. At the very least, I had a chance to be somewhat reflective. I’ve been too tired to think about anything interesting in the world recently.

Actually, I’ll paste my blog comment here. I won’t be linking the related entry, due to the blogger’s wishes. However, the entry was centered around how decisions don’t seem to be proportionally made to their worth and consequences.

“I’ve always felt the more trivial a decision is, the more stress it seems to induce out of me. Isn’t it funny how some people can spend weeks wondering whether to buy that pair of relatively expensive $500 shoe, but happily sign the documents for a $500K new house loan almost immediately? This happens all too frequently, despite the consumer usually having tried on the shoes multiple times, but only having glanced within the house a few times during Open Inspections. Personally, I know I’ve spent more time choosing ice-cream flavours than deciding on what papers to dissert on for uni… In the long term, we all know what would have been more important, right? No, it’s not the ice-cream…

The idea is to know about the game and play it to your advantage. If you understand it, utilise it to your ways. Know about it, but don’t exploit it, then it’s just foolish! In the end, everyone, banks inclusive, are all just about accumulating profits. The profit is not always and singularly monetary. Genuine altruism is rare in this world. People may try to put on their “nice face”, but most only exist in the greedy want to receive something substantial in return.”

The title should have probably really been “Farcical Attempts at Productivity”.  Less than an hour to go… I’m up to section 4 of a 10 section document.