Nearly time to fly!


One more work day and then I’m on leave for nearly a whole month! 😀 My anticipation for this trip has gone through some ups and downs in the last month or so. There was a moment during last week where I felt the new job “honeymoon” was over and I wanted to activate escape mode ASAP! Thankfully, I quickly had solutions and mega support on hand to reduce the pressure and seriously, at the end of the day, even with that hugely significant particular issue occurring, the stress it caused was way less than back at my usual workplace.

As the holiday gets closer and more and more plans are laid down, the excitement is on the up.

Just got to finish up this one more day; really hoping to leave early!

I’m not going to get around to completing the usual Japanese wishlist post this time. Not really due to prior lack of time, but maybe lack of personal interest! Don’t get me wrong, there will still be haulage, but at the end of the day I’m really feeling that I have way too much stuff to go through first.

Be back soon!


Weight Loss 2017 Update 1

I’ve hit a plateau. A laziness plateau. I’ve lost the routine of going to the gym regularly. The last time I went was probably a few weeks ago and before that, it was probably a few months ago. The establishment and habit of routine is so vital! It’s like training your brain to expect certain things, e.g. it’s Tuesday night, that means I’m going to do this.

Early on in my new job, I started walking home. It’s a good 40 minute walk at a reasonable pace (~5km/hr). I thought this might help counteract the lack of gym exercise, but based on the scales, it definitely hasn’t. I need exercise that really makes me sweat and induces DOMS to really make a difference.

I have found my weight seems to fluctuate a lot. By a lot, I mean up to 2kgs. I don’t think it used to fluctuate as much. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve lost the routine of exerted exercise or it’s part of just getting old 😦

Nearly one month to go!

To another Japan holiday that is! 😀

Usually a big aspect of the Japan holiday is the excitement of gathering up a beauty wishlist. This time, I seem to be less enthusiastic. I think partially it’s because the last time I went was not very long (a year ago) and the last time, I hauled big! Combined with purchases, freebies and competition wins in Melbourne, I still have a more than an ample stash. Honestly, I could probably survive on not buying any beauty products for at least two years! 😳

However, the greed in me means I will still definitely be buying beauty stuff this time, but my list will be smaller. I do have a wishlist post in draft, but I don’t know if I’ll end up finishing and posting it.

There’s a weird part of me that feels that I’m less looking forward to this trip than usual. We have almost finalised itinerary, so I now know where we will be going. Some places will be revisits of cities I have been to previously, so in some respects maybe it feels less exciting? However, I do believe I will be looking out for different aspects compared to previous visits.

I think another large part is change in my work pressures. For so long, I’ve felt that I’ve been under phenomenal pressure at work, that my holidays were a much needed respite from the stress of work. It’s not like I don’t want to go on holiday, but in some weird way, maybe I feel like I don’t need it as much? Sometimes, holidays create a sense of being able to abandon all responsibilities and when you are snowed under with a million things coming at you; behind you, above you, besides you, it’d just made me want to runaway from it all! There have been times during previous holidays where I have been struck by a gripping anxiety dread at the thought of returning to work. It’s not healthy to feel like that and even thinking back to those moments causes a resurgence of pain to my body 😦 Work issues are another story and probably something I prefer not to elaborate on my blog. It is something I really need to have a good long think about though.

This will also be my sixth trip to Japan. Am I getting bored of it? No! I will continue to re-visit often, but I do also want to visit other countries as well. To me, Japan is such an ideal place to holiday. If I didn’t have to work for a living, I would definitely consider moving there for a short period.

Nonetheless, despite my seemingly reduced zeal, I definitely can’t wait to eat my way through Japan. Om nom! 😀 Combini, I am comin’ atcha! 😀

Nearly one month to go!

















Toner Stocktake December 2016

Wow, it’s over a year since my last Toner Stocktake post! Time sure does go fast.

My current collection:

  1. Hada Labo Gokujyun Bottle 170ml: Hada Labo will probably be a staple in my stash for a long time.
  2. Kiku Masamune Sake Brewing Skin Care Lotion High Moist 500ml: Can’t wait to try this one with all the positive reviews I’ve read. I have high hopes!
  3. Sukin Hydrating Mist Toner 125ml: I’m pretty sure I actually had this product last October, but forgot to include in my previous update.
  4. ModelCo Replenishing Rose Mist Facial Mist 125ml : I’ve pretty much given up on this one. The smell is lovely, but my skin really seems to be affected by the alcohol.
  5. CosRX Galactomyces Alcohol-Free Toner 150ml: Just got this for free this month, thanks to a random Paypal ebay voucher event. Due to my frequenting of /r/AsianBeauty, I continue to be curious about the CosRX brand and with more recent praise about this particular product, I thought I’d give it a go for free! It will be my first real foray into Korean skincare.
  6. Clinique Mild Clarifying Lotion 200ml: This is now officially discontinued. With my stockpile of other toners, I think it’s time to finally let go and give it to my friend who finds it much more effective on her.

If you add that up, my stash always seems to be over the litre mark… I’m not learning, and probably won’t ever. How can I, when Japan keeps affordable making toners of 500ml?!

I have now used up the whole bottle of Kohaku Hada Lotion from my last Japan haul and I feel that it didn’t really do much. I didn’t notice any particular brightening results or a great level of hydration (it provides some). Also from my last haul, I tried the Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner for probably less than a week. I felt it was kind of drying and wasn’t suited for my skin type. I will probably pass this to my mum!

As usual, this doesn’t include samples.


Weight Loss Update 9 – This ain’t going to be the year of 55

Once again, it’s been another long period since my last update. Since then, one major personal event happened – a positive one. Post that major personal event, I have almost been way too relaxed with my food and exercise. Call it a honeymoon binge? I hadn’t been to the gym since late June and I didn’t finally return until September. More concerning is my monitoring of food intake has been pretty much out the door. It’s quite amazing how quickly I can gain weight really without checking in on myself. Damn ageing metabolism!

I had a goal this year to get down to 55kg. Actually, I’ve had this goal for ages! Just before I went to Malaysia in July, I was probably the closest to my goal. In Malaysia, I had an incredible time with the food. My weight went up a bit, but I restrained myself a little to make sure I would fit in my dress! For the actual wedding, I would probably say I got almost back to my pre-Malaysia weight, but I really should have been closer to my goal, not further.

Right after the wedding, I’ve been on almost a free-wheeling binge of ALL the food! I also haven’t been able to get back into a ‘eat healthier’ mindset either, e.g soups, salads, less crap food like chocolates and chips, etc. It really is a mindset thing. I also wasn’t doing any exercise either. Besides the usual overriding laziness, it was almost like a fear of returning the gym. The fear of going back on to that treadmill and not being able to run at the same competence as previously. The fear of not being to lift the same level of weights. The fear that my gym pass would finally be electronically cancelled and I wouldn’t be able to enter. They might sound like silly fears and excuses, but they definitely added to my inertia of not making that trip up to the gym.

However, I eventually got back on the treadmill horse. Although running isn’t a huge contributor to weight loss, at least my habit is redeveloping. I’m also part of a work walking challenge and that keeps me going and accountable in that I don’t fail other’s expectations in the team. When I resumed the gym, I didn’t run at the same pace or non-stop at the same time as before my pause, but it didn’t take long to quickly regain it.

I have really got to work on food. Be less tempted with all the delicious calorific choices; stop buying junk food when it’s on special (I’m looking at your Connoisseur Ice Creams and Cheezels…); and stock up on more healthier options.

I will be working to end the year below a certain number, but 55 will be impossible with less than 2 months to go (unless I totally crash diet, which I will NOT do).

So in conclusion, unfortunately this is another year of not getting to 55. Next year!